For more information about Washington Youth Soccer Tournaments please check the website:

Team Administrators & Coaches:

- Click on your team name at the top of the schedule to just see your schedule.
- Click on your opponents team name within the schedule to obtain contact information for the other team.

Entering Jersey Numbers (PDF)


Instructions for Printing Match Reports & Entering Score/Cards (PDF)

Updating Game Times and Fields for Preliminary Matches (click here to watch instructional tutorial)

Game Scoring  Info:

-  Red Cards & Yellow Cards can only be recorded by Referees
-  Team Admins can record the score for the match and who scored the goals (optional

If the both teams enter different information the system will display a contested result. A contested result occurs when Scores are not entered the same by both teams. 
The contested match will be displayed with a red C(S) for Contested Score When this happens you will need to email a copy of the Match Report to confirm your input and resolve this contested match report:

Teams will be awarded points based on the following point structure:

a. 6 points for a win
b. 3 points for a draw
c. 0 (zero) points for a loss
d. 1 point for each goal scored (up to a maximum of 3 per game for both teams)
e. 1 point for a shutout - holding an opponent scoreless (in the event of a 0-0 tie, both teams will be awarded 4 points)

Presidents Cup (Boise, ID)- Wild cards
Boys U14
Girls U16

2013 Region IV Presidents Cup Draw (PDF)