(Frequently Asked Questions)

Welcome to the 2013 Virginia Mason Washington Youth Soccer Challenge Cup

1)     Your main point of contact for all tournament related questions is your Association Tournament Representative (ATR).  If you are unsure what association a particular club is with, please refer to the Directory:




2)     Many resources exist under the State Cup Rules & Resources page: http://www.washingtonyouthsoccer.org/tournaments/state_cup_tournaments/rules__resources/


3)     Affinity Sports is the only online software provider we use for State Cup. For anything related to Affinity, please contact Joel Myers (jmyers@affinitydev.com) or the Call Center at 1-888-213-3999. At least one contact per team (usually a Team Manager) will need an Affinity log-in to input game details (venue, field #, time), print match reports, and enter scores and goal scorers after the game. Cards are the responsibility of the referee. Contact Joel if you need a log-in.


4)     The schedules are posted here. I would recommend you bookmark the Challenge Cup page for easier access. This is the FINAL schedule.  I have had many questions relating to schedules so let me clarify some things. We only provide you your OPPONENTS and DATES in which you will play.  The HOME team is responsible for venue and time of the match up until Semis/Finals (at Starfire Sports in Tukwila). The time and venue of every game must be input into the Affinity system. THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM LAST YEAR. We spent many weeks compiling all of the soccer fields in the state into a database that you can pull this information from.  Affinity has created a video to demonstrate this process. It is posted here. Please check with your field scheduler at your club or association as to WHO is responsible for this task as they may have someone already dedicated to doing this task. (Registrars- if you would like an export of games, we would be happy to provide it to you. Just email Joel Myers).


5)     Rescheduling games- Per our State Cup rules, teams are able to reschedule games provided that the other team agrees to the change. To do so, the home team should initiate and submit the form found in the State Cup Rules & Resources link above to your association and ATR. The State Cup Committee does have the ability to mandate game date changes if there are conflicts between the teams. The play dates were listed far earlier than the registration deadline so the dates should come as no surprise. I would highly encourage teams to finish games earlier if possible. Mother nature is not always kind to us…


6)     Spring Breaks- I think it is important for everyone to know that in the off season, I researched all of the school districts spring breaks because it was a scheduling issue last year. It was simply impossible for to accommodate everyone, or even a clear majority for that matter.


7)     Opponent Contact Info- You will need to have correct and updated contact info in the Affinity system. To find your opponent’s contact info, click on your opponent’s team name in the schedule & results (not the bracket) and their team contact info will pop up. You should also click on yours to ensure the correct info is in the system.


8)     Rosters- I have looked at many rosters and noticed that many are low in numbers or do not have their jersey numbers.  While jersey #s are not required, they are extremely helpful for all parties for disciplinary, getting accurate goal scorers, and the Best XI at semis/finals). I would not advise to wait until the last minute to make these changes. It does not matter what system you use for online registration. Your FINAL roster must be in the Affinity system.


9)     Roster freeze dates- Roster freeze dates VARY per gender age group. The specific date will be posted on the TOP of each State Cup schedules. If your team decides to re-schedule before the first scheduled game, the roster freezes on the date you play the game. Check with your association or club registrar for their freeze date as it can be earlier so they can complete adds/transfers and player card printing before the State's roster freeze date.


10)  Printing Match reports before the game and entering scores after the game- As I said before, at least 1 person from every team (manager, coach, etc.) should have a log-in to the Affinity system. I would encourage more than 1 person per team to do this and do it sooner than later. You will need this to print match reports and report scores and goal scorers. It is your job to print 2 match reports per game. They will be available for print immediately after the roster freeze date so don’t try to print them prior to.  It is your job to accurately enter the scores after the game.


11)  Merchandise- Washington Youth Soccer has partnered with Fine Designs and adidas to provide Virginia Mason Washington Youth Soccer Challenge Cup merchandise.


12)  Hotels- Washington Youth Soccer has partnered with Embassy Suites SeaTac. If you are playing in the SeaTac area and need a hotel, contact Allyson McCombs at Allyson.McCombs@hilton.com or (206) 219-2146 for a great rate. Be sure to tell them you are a Washington Youth Soccer member.


13)  History Book- We would like to invite everyone to preview the Washington Youth Soccer History Book, a long project that staff and volunteers have collaborated on to compile the vast history of soccer in Washington. As you will see, our motto for this cup season is MAKE HISTORY. We welcome feedback, stories, photos, inaccuracies, updates to the History Book. We want everyone to know the long history we have and how every last player, coach, referee, volunteer, parent are involved in being a part of it.


14)  Team Photo- For the semis/finals weekend, we always create a souvenir program that includes a team photo. Please try take a team photo early so you have it on file IF you make it to the semifinals.


15)  Regional Championships- As many of you are already aware, the US Youth Soccer Region IV President’s Cup will be held in Boise, Idaho. The Wild Cards are posted on each page. Please keep this in mind as you advance through the competition. There is a Stay to Play policy implemented by Region IV meaning you must stay at one of their many hotel properties.

Washington Youth Soccer Travel Policy (PDF)